National Commission For Colleges of Education (NCCE)

The National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE) was established by Decree No.3 of April, 1989 as an agency to supervise all aspects of non-degree teacher education and teacher professionalism in Nigeria. The enabling decree was later amended by Decree No. 12 of 1st January, 1993.


The decree establishing the NCCE mandates it, among other functions, to:

  1. Make recommendation on the National Policy necessary for the full development of teacher education and training of teachers.
  2. Lay down minimum standards for all programmes of teacher education and accredit their certificates and other academic awards.
  3. Approve guidelines setting out criteria for accreditation of all Colleges of Education in Nigeria.
  4. Determine the qualified teacher needs of the country for the purpose of planning training facilities and in particular; prepare periodic master plans for the balanced co-ordinated development of Colleges of Education.
  5. Advise on, and take steps to harmonize entry requirements and.
  6. Consider any matter pertaining to teacher education as may be referred to it from time to time by the Minister.
  7. Enquire into and advise the Federal Government on the financial needs of the Colleges and receive block grants from the Government and allocate to the Colleges based on approved formula.
  8. Collate, analyze and publish information relating to teacher education in the country.
  9. Undertake periodic reviews of terms and conditions of service of personnel in the Colleges of Education and make recommendations thereon to the government.
  10. Make recommendations on the development of Pre-Vocational Technical, Agricultural, Business and Home Economics Education in our Primary and Secondary Schools and advise as to what necessary facilities would be provided for them: The course requirements, the relative contribution of government and industry and how to ensure that our women take full part in these.
  11. Recommend to the Visitor of the College that a visitation is made to the College as and when it considers it necessary.

Downlaod NCCE Minimum Standards